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Company’s Philosophy

  • Our CSR Philosophy is to aid in development and support of communities in the areas where we operate and to ensure that the projects that we take up address the concerns of the economically marginalized members of society

  • We work with NGOs who share the same philosophy, are not monetarily driven and do not have any political affiliations

  • We have adopted a long-term approach (3 years) for our CSR projects to ensure that we make a visible impact in the area, making them sustainable, ongoing projects

Education & Livehood

Health & Sanitation

Focus Areas

  • Menstruation Hygiene - Company has collaborated with Sulabh School Sanitations Club and concentrate on Norther states of Punjab and Haryana.

  • Environmental Cleanliness - Built toilets with emphasis around women schools or public places. MG Road Metro station at Gurgaon has been identified as the first location in cooperation with Sulabh International

Glimpse of projects

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