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Allergy Management


“Increase in pollution and reducing green cover has led to rise in number of patients with allergy”


We at Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals have been mindful about newer treatment options in the foray and has always been at forefront in launching such brands. The latest entrant in our bouquet of products is our brand of Bilastine, Actv 24 and Actv 24 M with Montelukast combination.

Actv 24, the latest in the anti-allergic treatment profile has gained acceptance within a short period of launch and has started gaining prescriptions among specialist.


Allergy treatments are based on the types of allergies and severity of symptoms. If the allergies cause significant interference with the quality of life, it is important to treat these symptoms under the right medical supervision. Anti-allergy medications are commonly used for preventing and relieving allergy symptoms. 


Actv 24/ Actv 24 M: This is Jagsonpal’s newest addition among the anti-allergy therapy area that is gaining wide acceptance and provides relief from allergic symptoms like allergic rhinitis, seasonal allergies, along with relieving symptoms of swelling and itching.

Allergy Management

Immunity & Cell Protection


“Cell protection forms the basis of treating many chronic & acute conditions while strengthening our immune system”


Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals, is the first organization in India, to establish the benefits of Lycopene through its brand LycoRed Soft Gel capsules. LycoRed SG, contains Lyc-O-Mato complex, a unique blend of phytonutrients with Lycopene 4 mg along with Vitamin E, has ingredients which are chosen for its synergistic properties it displays when combined.


LycoRed SG, with its unique proprietary blend of Lyc-O-Mato complex is helpful in cell protection in various conditions which involves oxidative stress and is widely prescribed and trusted by HCPs across India.


Apart from LycoRed SG, Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals has range of products like LycoRed Syrup, Wellness syrup; JP Tone Syrup, a Hematinic & Tonic; JP Tone UP, a combination of Methyl cobalamin for oxidative stress due to metabolic syndrome and JP Tone Injection, neuroprotector in diabetic neuropathy.  


The cells and proteins in our body work together to provide a defence system against infection. This is called the immune system and it recognises, intercepts and helps eradicate microorganisms that could cause a potential threat to your health. The efficacy of this defence system could be reduced by various factors. Our products works on the fundamentals to help in optimal function of all cellular processes at the origin of the immune response:


LycoRed SG: One of the biggest successes of Jagsonpals, LycoRed SG is the ultimate cell protector and the most potent free radical scavenger. It is one-of-its-kind in providing cell protection


LycoRed Syp: India’s first sugar-free antioxidant syrup that was targeted specifically at the growing segment of diabetics in the country, it helps enhance the body’s day-to-day immunity


JP Tone Syp: A hematinic preparation of Ferrous Gluconate, Vitamins B 12, B1, B2 and D-Panthenol, Vitamin B6 and Niacinamide, the syrup protects against anemia, iron deficiency and helps in restoring energy while providing nourishment to the body.


JP Tone UP: A combination of methyl cobalamin, alpha lipoic acid, pyridoxine and folic acid, the capsules help in bringing down the level of homocysteine in blood, the major factor for atherosclerosis, while helping the body develop healthy cells. 


JP Tone Inj: The injection is more than just a nerve regenerator. It helps in treating low Vitamin B12 that leads to anemia and subsequent nerve damage. It is often used in the treatment for diabetic and peripheral neuropathy. 

Immunity & Cell Protection

Gut & Mind Management


“Healthy Gut & Healthy Mind resonates a healthy body”


A meta-analysis of around 80 studies worldwide found that 11.2% of people suffer from irritable bowel syndrome with similar number found among Indians. Also, a 2017 study found that around 44.9 million Indians suffer from anxiety disorders. These numbers indicates the importance of treating gut & mind disorders.  


Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals has been pioneers in bringing in products for gut & mind management. Equirex our brand of Chlordiazepoxide & Clidinium Bromide was launched 4 decades earlier in treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and also an add on therapy in functional dyspepsia. 


To treat stress and anxiety, our brand of Chlordiazepoxide, Equilibrium is widely prescribed by HCPs for its lower chances of dependency and potential to use in wide range of patients. 


Our body is packed with trillions of gut microbes that are in cross-talk with our brain. In the gut microbiome, the “good” bacteria do more than just help with digestion. They work all over your body, especially keeping your “bad” bacteria in check. They multiply so often that the unhealthy kind don't have space to grow.  When you have a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut, it’s called equilibrium. Our Gut Management portfolio helps maintain this equilibrium:


Equirex: Used to treat irritable bowl syndrome, this tablet helps relax the muscles of the gut and stomach to relieve discomfort and symptoms effectively. The ideal tablet to ‘calm the brain and soothe the gut’.


Equilibrium: Used in the treatment of severe anxiety, this tablet comes under the benzodiazepine anxiolytics class of medicines. It is known to reduce feelings of restlessness, irritability, tiredness and helps you go about your daily activities with ease and productivity.

Gut & Mind Management



“Today, antibiotic resistance is making it harder to treat infections effectively”


A thorough analysis, informed and calculative decisions are the need of the hour to ensure we are able to strike against the pathogen. Anti-infective is primarily an agent that fights infection by inhibiting the spread of an infectious agent or by directly killing the infectious agent. Anti-infectives are now known to have metamorphosed the very way in which infections can be cured and are becoming an imperative part of the healthcare system.


Doxypal DR-L: One of the most versatile antibiotic medication, Doxypal DR-L comes with least antibiotic resistance, thereby effective in treating a range of bacterial infections of the blood, brain, lungs, bones, joints, stomach, intestines, urinary tract. It is known to prevent the growth of the infection-causing microorganisms. 


Cladoxim / Mordica 625 / Realcef / Rowezy: Bouquet of anti-infectives to treat a wide spectrum of infections. While Cladoxim is used primarily in the treatment of respiratory tract infections, Mordica and Realcef is a broad-spectrum prescription antibiotic used for the treatment of various bacterial infections. Realcef also contains beneficial bacteria that help protect the inner layers of your stomach and intestines. Rowezy works on the bacterial infections of the respiratory tract, ear, nose and throat, lungs, skin and eyes in both adults and children. 


Dentist & ENT Range


It is a myth when people believe that a dental or ENT check is necessary only if there is pain. It goes beyond the routine of tooth or ear pain. A dental or ENT visit means effective examination for oral or ENT health to diagnose or treat conditions that can range from routine to complex health issues. 


Eclonac SP/ P: While Eclonac SP is a combination medicine used in short-term relief of pain, inflammation and swelling in conditions affecting tooth, ear & throat


Doxypal DR-L / Mordica 625: Effective broad spectrum antibiotics in treatment of bacterial infections and often beneficial and prescribed in pre and post dental procedures.


LycoRed SG: A combination of antioxidant vitamins and minerals, it is a complete and potent antioxidant formulation that is also helpful in preventing the destruction of periodontal tissues


Parvon 1000 SR / Forte: A combination medicine that fights against all stages of pain associated with teeth, ear, throat along with muscle pain and pain associated with arthritis. 


Actv 24/ M: Provides relief from allergic symptoms like allergic rhinitis, seasonal allergies, along with relieving symptoms of swelling and itching.


Mordica 625 / Cladoxim / Rowezy: These are prescription anti-infective drugs used in the treatment of a wide spectrum of bacterial infections of the respiratory tract, ear, nose and throat, lungs to name a few. 

Dentist & ENT Range
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