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  1. It is not uncommon for regulatory bodies to have different opinions and timelines for the approval of drugs or medical interventions.

  2. The US FDA has withdrawn the use of 17-OHP for the prevention of preterm birth due to insufficient evidence, while the DCGI in India continues to allow its use for various indications.

  3. USFDA will review its policies on the use of 17-OHP in light of new evidence that may become available in the future.

  4. The US FDA and the DCGI in India are independent regulatory bodies with their own policies, procedures, and review timelines.

  5. The withdrawal of 17-OHP by the US FDA does not necessarily mean that it is unsafe or ineffective for other indications, and its use in other countries may be based on different evidence or clinical experience.

  6. Doctor's in India stay informed about any updates or changes in the regulatory status of 17-OHP and other medications they may use as per DCGI.

  7. DCGI in India continues to allow 17OHP use for various indications in pregnancy.

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